Let’s Talk Tulle

Fluffy Black Tulle



Let’s Talk Tulle…  As you may have gathered (or seen on my Pinterest page), I love all things girly.  Ruffles, bows, pleats, you name it.  Some of my favorite pictures on Pinterest have been of fun tulle skirts, paired in a casual way with t-shirts, tank tops or blue jean jackets.  Dressy AND casual, you might be asking?  I love it!  While I generally achieve this by wearing a dressy, bling statement necklace with a cotton top, or even pearls with jeans, I hadn’t been able to find a fab tulle skirt… until last weekend in Fredericksburg, TX!  Leave it to a Texas girl to throw on a ballerina-esque skirt with some tall, pointy-toed cowboy boots and a white, V-neck t-shirt for a night on the town!

I hear some rumblings of dissent among you, and I’ll admit it’s not for everyone.  But sometimes you’ve got to go a little out on a limb when it comes to fashion and be brave enough to make your own statement ~ doubters be darned!  Of course, my new tulle skirt below also would look lovely paired with strappy heels for a wedding or fancy brunch, or with cute flats, a.k.a. Audrey Hepburn.



Tulle Skirt



Here are the truly FABULOUS, Old Gringo cowboy boots I mentioned {not at all ashamed to say they are my very favorite thing in my closet, and often live propped up in my bedroom so I can love on them}.



Tall Boots



They come up almost to my knees and are so pointy they turn up at the tips.  And I wouldn’t hesitate to pair them with tulle.  When in Texas, right?






Here’s another shot of those yummy boots {which also look great tucked into skinny jeans)…



Claire Boots



Here are a few other Pinterest-inspired pairings to make you catch the tulle-skirt bug…



Celedon Tulle

Favorite Tulle Skirt

Polka Dot Tulle

Tulle and Military Jacket

Poofy cream tulle

Sweater and Tulle



Hope you have a great week!  And look in your closets to find some dressy/casual matches of your own!

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  1. Claire – I recently discovered tulle myself and had so much fun styling it for a party in my honor last week. The pic is not up on my blog yet, but will be soon. I definitely felt like I was dressed to party when I wore it – can’t wait to wear it again.


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